Is Zagster the most dog-friendly office in Boston?

November 29, 2016

At Zagster, having a pet-friendly environment has been baked into the company culture since day one.

Tim Ericson, co-founder and CEO of the bike-sharing startup, told us he believes having dogs around the office reminds workers to take a break, laugh and “use dog-speak.”

“It’s a great way to relieve stress and to build teamwork,” Ericson said.

Unfortunately, Zagster hasn’t always been able to make its pet-friendly dreams a reality, as they’ve hopped from office to office searching for the perfect fit for their growing team. In 2014, however, Zagster finally found a space in Cambridge that allowed dogs, and they’ve been taking advantage of 24 Thorndike St. ever since.

Ericson said the office pups create a more energized work environment and increase employee retention.

“I think it’s part of an overall trend – certainly in the tech space where companies must compete for top talent,” Ericson said. “Zagster is committed to developing a great corporate culture, and being pup-friendly is part of that.”

We caught up with Zagster to meet some of the furriest employees that make the company’s unique culture possible.

Names: Zoe & Brewer

Favorite Toy: Squeaky Stuffed Squirrels

Favorite Activity: Mountain Biking

Quote from the owner: "Zoe and Brewer are the original Zagster office mutts. Led by their example, we have become the best place to work for both humans and dogs!"

Letter of Recommendation: Zoe and Brewer are ideal employees. They love our mission, don't ask for a paycheck, only take one break per day, are highly concerned about workplace safety, and are always in the office when their boss wants them to be.


Name: Sadie

Favorite Toy: Orange ball the size of a golf ball/the size of her face

Favorite Activity: Networking

Quote from the owner: "Sadie loves what she does! I feel so lucky that she's landed herself this opportunity at Zagster."

Letter of recommendation: Sadie is the new girl in town but is slowly making her way to MVP. Although she's a rookie, it's her positive energy and charm that makes her able to connect with any new potential new partner.


Name: Emma

Favorite toy: Squeaky stuffed duck

Favorite activity: playing tag

Quote from the owner: "Emma has grown up at Zagster. Our youngest team member, we recruited her at only 8 weeks old. She's the office cheerleader and is always happy to see you!"

Letter of recommendation: Emma believes that everyone is their most productive when they are happy. Her commitment shows each morning when she takes the time to greet everyone in the office before starting work and takes regular breaks to snuggle in laps, lick faces and lend a floppy ear.


Name: Tucker

Favorite toy: Squeaky dynamite

Favorite activity: Chasing squirrels

Quote from the owner: "Tucker's new to the pack, but he sure isn't shy! He's always on the hunt for a good scratch behind his ears."

Letter of recommendation: Tucker likes to remind people that a little fun around the office is good for everyone. His puppy-like curiosity keeps the team laughing, while his love of naps makes him an ideal dog to share an office with. He's got a nose for success!


Name: Bruno

Favorite toy: Not big into toys but enjoys a good steak bone

Favorite activity: Sun bathing

Quote from the owner: "When Bruno isn't taking a snooze he can be found in the only spot where there is sun, working on his tan. Once you manage to win his friendship, he's quite the snuggler."

Letter of recommendation: As the eldest dog in the office, Bruno is all business, very little play. He arrives promptly to meetings and takes snack time very seriously. He is also very good at reminding you to take a break and get outside for a quick walk.


Photos via Zagster

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